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HDMI Cables - Plenum Rated

HDMI 250 PL r22y 15

AOC 2.1 – Active Optical Cable – HDMI High Speed 8K@60Hz – 48Gbps – UHD – HDR Cable – CMP Plenum Rated

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This active optical High-Speed HDMI® cable is plenum rated and consists of a HDMI male connector on both ends. The cable has a built in signal booster chipset which allows it to maintain a HDMI 2.1 signal over a thin cable at longer lengths with no signal loss. It is typically used to connect a HDMI source such as Blu-Ray players and PC’s to a HDTV or monitor and supports full 8K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The AOC cable also works with splitters, switches and other video sharing devices.


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