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"Support WS2811 WS2812B LED Lights | 300 Color Modes | Adjustable Speed and Brightness"

Remote Control For Dream Light Led Strip


Product can be used to adjust the brightness.

It included 366 kinds of mode,which are vivid and beautiful.

IR Remote control has mini size, that can be used in long distance.

The wire connection is simple and very easy to use.

It supports almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED-DRIVER-IC.


  • Support WS2811 WS2812B LED LED lights. It can’t control SK6812 RGBW LED lights and regular RGB LED without driver IC. 300 kinds of color modes, such as rainbow, wave, breathing, strobing, gradual change, color cycle, comet, static, fading, chasing, which are vivid and beautiful. Color changing speed and brightness are adjustable.
  • Come with 3pin JST connector and DC female connector. Support all the 3 PIN Single signal IC chip LED product.The remote can match only one receiver. One remote also can control many receivers . Just plug and play. No soldering is needed. Save user setting automatically when power off. It can adjust the Color order RGB GRB BRG etc .When you press Green,the LED is red . This is not the quality problem , please read the user manual and set it correctly.
  • 10-30m long distance wireless RF remote control. mini size, convenient to use. DC 5V~24V input. But it can’t regulate the output voltage.Please choose power supply according to your led lights, not the controller. For example, DC5V WS2812B LED Strip ,must use DC5V power supply.
  • The controller contains coin cell batteries. RF remote. If controller is very hot during use, please give the light strips with a separate power supply, or with the use of amplifiers.
  • Support setting controlled pixels number. Maximum number of control pixels : Total 2048pixels(Controller factory default 300 pixel points). recommand use 300 pixel(Approx. 5 meters of light strip length.) If you want to use 2048 Pixels, press MODE and MODE- to adjust the number of LED pixel points. The product itself can carry power 5V<30W, 12V<72W, 24V<144W, such as more than this power, please give the light strips with a separate power supply, or with the use of amplifiers.

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