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Stereo Power Amplifier - Pyle Pro PTAU45 with 120-Watt x 2 Output and USB/CD/Aux Inputs - RTC-Electronics

Stereo Power Amplifier – Pyle Pro PTAU45 with 120-Watt x 2 Output and USB/CD/Aux Inputs


Elevate your audio experience with the Pyle Pro PTAU45 Mini 120 Watt x 2 Stereo Power Amplifier, featuring USB/CD/Aux Inputs. This versatile amp is perfect for home, corporate, and performance settings, offering 120 watts x 2 output with convenient controls for a seamless audio performance.


The Pyle Pro PTAU45 Mini Stereo Power Amplifier is a powerhouse designed for diverse audio applications, making it an ideal choice for home, corporate, and performance environments. Boasting a robust 120-Watt x 2 output at 10% RMS (at 4 Ohms), this compact amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality.

Equipped with a range of features, this amplifier provides flexibility for various audio sources. The switchable microphone, pager, and mixing modes, combined with AUX1, AUX2, CD, and USB inputs, make the PTAU45 a truly multi-purpose amplifier. Whether used for public address duties or as an amplifier for singers and musicians, this amp adapts to your needs seamlessly.

Navigate your audio experience effortlessly with the power on LED indicator, 3.5mm Aux CD/MP3 input jack, and USB reader function. The front 1/4″ MIC jack with volume control adds convenience for vocal applications, while the master volume control, balance control, and bass/treble tone control provide precise audio customization.

Additional features include switchable AUX1/AUX2/CD/USB inputs, RCA inputs and outputs, and four push-type speaker terminals for one set of stereo speakers. The compact and lightweight design, measuring 8.27 x 2.72 x 5.39 inches and weighing 4.66 pounds, makes it easy to integrate into any audio setup. The 110/220 voltage selector ensures compatibility in various regions.

Experience superior audio performance with the Pyle Pro PTAU45 – a compact and versatile stereo power amplifier that brings your audio to life with power and precision.

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