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4 Smartphone Accessories to Shop for in the New Year - RTC-Electronics

4 Smartphone Accessories to Shop for in the New Year Leave a comment

Cell phones are an important part of daily life. They carry our schedules, connect us to the internet, contain all our favourite apps, and oh yeah—they sometimes let us call people.

What we’re saying is that cell phones are important. For 2017, start the year right by treating your little electronic friend to some accessories.

Here are four smartphone accessories to make your phone look even smarter.

  1. Screen Protectors and Cases

Do you drop your phone often, or are you super careful and just like stylish accessories to match your personality? How you answer the question determines which phone case you should buy.

  • Sturdy protective covers – These cases prioritise protection over aesthetics. Thicker and heavier, they provide better protection to the phone if it’s dropped. With button covers and a built-in screen protection, these covers are the best for the expensive and sensitive species of smart phones.
  • Aesthetic cases – If fashion and style is more important for you than protection, then an aesthetic case is what you’re looking for. Made from silicon, plastic and wood; these wallet-like cases can hold cash and cards.
  • Screen protectors –With oleophobic coating, screen protectors do a great job of preventing scratches and dents on your phone. Given that few people like the ‘my-screen-looks-like-a-big-ugly-spider-web-look’, this is a product for anyone with a smartphone.
  1. Chargers and Batteries

What’s worse than getting lost outside on a January winter day? –Getting lost outside on a January winter day without GPS because your phone died. Beef up the life of your phone with a charger.

  • Go for rapid chargers for faster charging.
  • If you are sick of USB cords turning your outlets into messy wired jungles, then pick up a wireless charger.
  • Looking for something different? Try using a charging case with an in-built battery. It stays plugged into the phone when it’s inside the case.
  1. Camera and Selfie Accessories

Are you an aspiring or budding photographer? If yes, then consider buying camera attachments for your phone.

  • Selfie sticks – Pick up a mid-range stick if you want to get everyone into your selfie. These have a remote at the bottom end of the stick. If you need more distance, then buy a long-range stick. These come equipped with Bluetooth, so you can click without needing to use any cords.
  • Lens attachment – Do you want to take pictures like a pro without DSLR? Then the pocket-sized optic clip is what your camera needs. The optic clip can take all sorts of shots such extreme close-ups to wide angle shots
  1. Mounts and Stands

Keep your hands free for multi-tasking by using mounts and stands to hold your phone. Use the phone stands in bed, coffee tables, workstations or anywhere else. Even in a vehicle, a car or bicycle mount will hold your smartphone in place while you keep your hands on the wheel.

Do you have your New Year wishlist ready? Remember to add get new cell phone accessories to that list. Your cell phone is like a tiny electronic representation of you, so remember to treat it right!

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