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5 Essential Tech Gadgets for Travellers - RTC Electronics

5 Essential Tech Gadgets for Travellers Leave a comment

Most people prefer unplugging themselves from their smartphones, laptops, constant notifications and calls when they are travelling. They want to unwind and concentrate on exploring new places rather than playing with gadgets. But, some tech accessories are necessary to accompany you on the trip as they can make your travel a lot easier and more enjoyable.

If you’re planning a trip to your favourite destination, then make sure that you include these 5 essential tech gadgets in your packing list to travel with convenience.

1) All-In-One Adapter

When travelling overseas, a common problem is that the electronic devices don’t match the local voltages and wall outlets. That’s why it’s necessary to carry a universal plug adapter for you to connect your electronics with compatible outlets. An all-in-one adapter can provide a number of USB ports to match a variety of devices. The best part is that they don’t occupy space, therefore, you can easily store them in your duffle bag or backpack.

2) Portable Phone Charger

A high-capacity portable phone charger is your best friend when you’re travelling. You should be ready for challenges, because you won’t always find restaurants or cafés to charge your mobile phone when your battery runs out of juice. In that case, a portable charger will save the day. Look for high-quality portable chargers, since the average ones fail quickly.

3) Wireless Pocket Router

If you love to post your travel pictures online, then you’ll surely need a mini router for better connectivity. It is common to have problems in connecting to your with the hotel’s Wi-Fi, so bring along a wireless pocket router to connect with ease. They are compact and easy to carry, so you can fit them in your laptop bag without issues. There are a variety of routers available online for various speed requirements. Choose the one according to the speed you want to get.

4) MicroSD Card

Don’t rely on your laptop’s memory while you’re travelling. An external storage comes in handy when you run out of storage space for your pictures and other data. A microSD card is the best bet for travellers, since they are small enough to fit into your wallet, offer ample storage and can be used in many devices.

5) Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are the best travel companions. Whether you’re troubled by a screaming child on the plane or the constant chit-chat of passengers, this useful accessory helps you avoid the unwanted disturbances. Noise cancelling headphones can save you when you need to block distractions and relax. Make sure that you have a pair packed in your luggage to enjoy your ‘me time’ while travelling.

These must-have electronic accessories will make your trip easier. All of them are compact and can be carried easily along with your other belongings. You can buy them from our online store at affordable prices.

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