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6 Big Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Buying a TV - RTC Electronics

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New TV Leave a comment

Television has become a very significant part of everyday life. Apart from being an important source of information and entertainment, it brings family members together to spend quality time and strengthen their bond while watching TV shows or movies. That’s why investing in a good quality television is important.

Picking the right TV that meets all your needs is a challenging task. People who don’t do market research and purchase in a hurry, often end up making big mistakes. If you don’t want to make a wrong decision when buying a TV for your home, make sure that you avoid the six mistakes mentioned in this blog post.

1) Picking the Wrong Size

Buying a television that’s too small or too big is one of the most common mistakes made. While it may be tempting to think bigger is better or a small TV will look cute, picking the wrong size will give an unpleasant viewing experience. The general rule of thumb for selecting the right size is measuring how far you’ll be sitting from your TV in inches and then divide it by 1.5. The result will be the suitable size of the TV screen you can comfortably watch from a distance.

2) Ignoring the Sound Quality

Television is not just about viewing. It is also about sound quality. Buying a TV without considering its sound is a mistake you should seriously avoid. To have a great media experience, make sure you purchase a TV with good sound quality. However, the new designs of television are becoming flatter every day, thus leaving less room for speakers. So, you can buy wall-mounted wireless speakers while pairing it with digital TV antenna to enhance your TV viewing experience with awesome audio and video quality.

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New TV

3) Paying for Unnecessary Features

Spending money on automatic light and colour sensors, motorized movement and other unwanted features that you’ll hardly use is a big no. Avoid getting pointless features and think about what you’ll truly use. Look for a TV set that has only necessary features you actually need to save yourself from wasting your money on worthless things.

4) Not Thinking About the Future

Buying a television is a long-term investment. And, technology is ever-evolving, so by picking a basic TV model chances are that it will become outdated within a few years. That’s why you should choose a ant can become obsolete quickly. Go for a model with features that will still be available in the future. If you’re getting a deep discount on a particular model, then probably that TV’s technology is already obsolete. Pay attention to the specifications of the model before buying.

5) Not Considering the Ports

Not all television sets are the same. Some may have the ports you require, some may not. Ignoring the ports on the television is a mistake that can refrain you from using the appliance for various tasks. For example, if you play video games on your TV, you need HDMI ports in your television to connect gaming consoles and set-top boxes with the help of HDMI cables. The same is the case if you want to connect an Android TV box. The best bet is to know your needs and then choose a TV that has the required ports to handle the connections.

6) Buying a Smart TV When You Don’t Need It

Many people make the mistake of buying a smart TV even if they already have an Android TV box, Xbox One or Apple TV. People fail to understand that a smart TV offers the same streaming services as the box that can connect you to a TV for live streaming your favourite shows. To avoid this mistake, be clear whether you truly need a smart TV or not. If you already use a smart box, go for a television set compatible with that box, instead of opting for a smart TV.

When buying a television, don’t make the above-mentioned mistakes. Do your homework properly, consider what you truly need and then make the purchase decision. After all, a TV is not just an appliance, it is much more than a box sitting in your living area. So, you need to pick the perfect one for a complete entertainment package. Accessorize your TV set with a digital TV antenna, home theatres and woofers. With these audio and visual devices, you can take your TV viewing experience to the next level.

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