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6 Tips to Keep Your Earphones in Good Shape - RTC Electronics

6 Tips to Keep Your Earphones in Good Shape Leave a comment

6 Tips to Keep Your Earphones in Good Shape 2Earphones are your true music companion. Whether you’re travelling or simply lying on your bed, whether you’re happy or feeling low, earphones are always by your side to comfort you with your favourite music. But, to get the best audio quality from your earphones, you need to treat them with care and keep them in good shape. Proper maintenance is necessary your hygiene too.

Therefore, if you want to keep your earphones sounding great and looking awesome, then follow these six useful tips.

1) Store Them in a Case

The first line of defence for protecting your earphones from damage is proper storage. Use an earphone case or pouch for storing your gadget. But, make sure that you coil the wires neatly to avoid tangling or damaging the cable. The absence of proper coiling and storage can lead to cable failure caused by stretching or tearing.

2) Remove the Cable Carefully

Many people have the habit of pulling the cable instead of the plug to remove their earphones from the device or audio source. Doing so puts extra stress on the connecting cable and can damage it. To avoid that, grip and pull the connector firmly with a steady force and remove it.

3) Keep Them Clean


It might be gross to think about, but your earphone’s earbuds can get pretty dirty because of your ear wax. To ensure that they keep producing great sound, clean them regularly by using a cleaning tool for wiping down the earbuds with a cotton cloth. That said, check the instructions mentioned in the earphone kit before cleaning the gadget.

4) Keep Them Away From Extreme Temperatures

Extreme sunlight, direct heat, high humidity, cold weather and water contact can negatively affect the electronic parts inside your earphones. Therefore, avoid wearing them in extreme temperatures or when weather conditions are not favourable. Even if you want to use your earphones outside during the summer, make sure that you sit under a shade to protect your gadget from adverse weather.

5) Turn Down the Bass

Earphones require powerful bass drivers to produce good quality low-frequency sound (bass). But, not all earphones have great bass drivers and if your audio device has a high bass level, then it can put a lot of stress on your their speakers. To avoid that, disable the ‘Bass Boost’ option in your device. If you want to enhance the sound quality with bass enabled audio, then buy high-quality earphones with powerful bass drivers from a reputed electronic store.

6) Keep Them Dry

It’s no secret that electronic accessories are sure to get damaged when they come in contact with water. Similarly, to make your earphones last, it is essential to keep them dry at all times. If your earphone had an encounter with water, then dry your gadget thoroughly with a soft towel and let it air dry for next 48 hours. Avoid drying them with any type of forced hot air. Instead, store them in a small container with a desiccant packet or uncooked rice.

The performance of your earphones depends on how you keep them. The above-mentioned tips come in handy to maintain these gadgets. These small steps might take a few extra minutes but will certainly have long-term positive effects.

If your old earphones are no longer functional, then buy a new one from RTC Electronics and follow the tips mentioned in this blog post to make the most of your electronic accessory.

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