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Android vs iPhone: Which Is Better?

Android vs iPhone: Which Is Better? Leave a comment

Whenever it comes to buying a cellphone, the first question that arises is which one to buy, an Android or an iOS. The competition between a smartphone with Android and an iPhone with iOS is not new. Both rivals offer great features and have a loyal customer base.

At first, it may seem that both the competitors differ only on the basis of brand and price. But, when you look closely an Android smartphone and an iPhone are different in many aspects. Here’s a brief overview to help you understand which of them is better.

Hardware and Appearance

While comparing the hardware of an Android phone and an iOS phone (iPhone), it’s important to consider one thing. iPhones are only made by Apple, so they have a standard to follow when it comes to hardware. The finish and polish offered by Apple is hard to match. On the other hand, Google’s Android software is sold to many smartphone manufacturing companies such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG. This means that the hardware depends on the brand of cell phone you’re purchasing.

If you buy high-end Android cellphones, then the chances of getting hardware issues are less and they match the exceptional hardware standard set by iPhones. However, cheaper Android options often have problems. Therefore, if you want variety in hardware quality, then choose Android, but if you want to go with the simplicity and the flawless appearance, then iPhone is the better choice.

User-Friendliness and Control

User-friendliness is another thing to consider. Both iPhone and Android smartphones are easy to use. But, when talking about control over your system, Android wins. Unlike iPhone that limits you to the apps available in the App Store, Android allows you to download applications from outside sources. In an iPhone, the applications are available on multiple home screens that can later be organised in folders whereas in an Android smartphone customization of the home screen is available.

However, this may work as a security threat to your data stored in Android phones but gives more control on what you want your device to do. Adding to this, an Android cell phone can work as a hard drive when connected to a PC. You can view, copy and delete files and transfer media as per the storage allows.

If you want to customize your cell phone with the applications of your choice, Android will work best for you. On the contrary, if you prefer greater security rather than control, then iPhone is the best option.

Security and Privacy

Security is a major concern for smartphone users as they store a huge amount of personal data on their devices. Be it their usernames, passwords or personal photographs and other details, your cellphone knows everything about you. A security breach can cause more harm than a person realizes.

The most trusted name in ensuring the security of your data is iPhone. The data stored in the device is encrypted and can be accessed with a pass code, thus making it significantly less prone to cyber crime and theft. Supporting applications only being available from the App Store makes iOS devices safer than Android because applications from unknown sources sometimes contain malware.

Android cellphones hold 80 percent of the market, thus making it more vulnerable to cyber crime and its open system attracts malware. It can be protected only by installing additional applications from the Google Play Store or an antivirus app. Therefore, Apple’s iPhones are the first choice when security and privacy is your priority.

There is no specific answer to which one is better among an Android and an iPhone. It depends on your choice and preferences. Both mobile operating systems are excellent in various aspects and offer varied benefits. Consider your budget and the specifications you need on your cell phone before deciding the better one for you.

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