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How to Use Wi-Fi Extenders to Improve Your Home Network – Part II - RTC-Electronics

How to Use Wi-Fi Extenders to Improve Your Home Network – Part II Leave a comment


In our previous blog post, we discussed what a Wi-Fi extender is, how it works and the different types of extenders available. In this post, we’ll cover other aspects of Wi-Fi extenders.

How to Set up a Wi-Fi Extender?

Ideally, you should place your Wi-Fi extender in a place that’s mid-distance from your router and the area(s) where signals start to drop. It’s easy to install – you just need to plug it in and press the WPS button on your extender for your router to get connected to the internet.

But note that Wi-Fi extenders also suffer from interference just like routers, therefore, make sure to place it in an area where there is minimum interference.

How to Choose the Right Wi-Fi Extender?

Wi-Fi extenders are a good solution to increase the coverage of Wi-Fi signal, but it should be compatible with your Wi-Fi standard. Make sure to check the standard of your router first to avoid compatibility issues. If you wish to get the latest standard Wi-Fi extender, you’ll need to replace your router with a new compatible one. Also note that if you’ve got a dual band router, it’s better to opt for a dual band Wi-Fi extender.

For a higher level of security, select an extender that comes with the latest version of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which requires the user to physically switch on the button. This means that a third party can’t intrude or steal your signal.

You can also look for extenders with one or more Ethernet ports. This will enable you to use wired devices which offer better speed. Some Wi-Fi extenders also offer audio streaming.

Best Wi-Fi Extender under $65

There are several Wi-Fi extenders available in the market in different price ranges. If you’re looking for a quality Wi-Fi extender within a budget of $65, then TP Link 300 Mbps Wireless N Access Point TL-WA901ND is a good choice for home networks.

It provides 300 Mbps transmission rate for a smooth 802.11n experience. With multiple protection measures, this device also ensures complete data privacy. This Wi-Fi extender is also equipped with smart antenna technology to overcome interference and weakened signal, even through physical barriers.

With multiple wireless modes like Access Point, Bridge with AP, Client, Multi SSID, you can use various wireless applications and get a more dynamic experience. You can power the wireless extender with an Ethernet cable, meaning that you can place the access point in a position that gives you the best signal. Check out all the features and specifications of the TP Link 300 Mbps  Wireless N Access Point TL-WA901ND before you make your purchase decision.

Although it’s not necessary to get a Wi-Fi extender from the same brand as your router, it does usually result in better performance. Make sure to get the latest firmware updates for both your router and the extender before connecting them.

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