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Top 3 Android TV Boxes for All Budget Groups

3 Best Android TV Boxes for Any Budget Leave a comment

It’s a Sunday evening and you’ve been flipping the TV channels for about 30 minutes. Finally, you decided that watching Jessica Jones on Netflix is the better option, but suddenly you remembered that your friend has your HDMI cord. Becoming lazy and bored, you lie down on your couch, watching the latest Avengers: Endgame movie on your MacBook.

If you’ve experienced a similar situation, it’s perhaps time for you to switch to smarter streaming devices. Digital entertainment is changing rapidly as every gadget manufacturer is innovating something new to stay ahead in the competition. Being limited to a single option, for example your laptop or MacBook, should never be the case with so many other choices available.

Why Should You Switch to Android TV Boxes?

With the use of an Android TV box, you can easily centralize all of your favorite entertainment options. Whether you want to catch live game updates or watch popular Amazon shows, Android boxes for TV are your best bet. From watching movies and playing games to catching Live TV shows, these Android devices offer several benefits for the modern users. Depending on your individual purpose, you can buy the right gadget and start using your favorite services and apps. Below are some of our top picks for Android TV boxes for all budgets.

Top 3 Android TV Boxes for All Budget Groups

  1. The Amazon Fire TV Stick (CDN$ 49.99)


Imagine being able to carry your TV along with you when you’re going on a vacation. That’s the benefit you get with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The device looks like a large Flashdrive with an HDMI connector on the sides. Although it’s OS 5.0 Lollipop is a little backdated, its 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides a very reliable streaming and instant downloads. It also features an 8 GB ROM and 1 GB of Memory. Simply remove the stick and take it with you when you travel. Then plug it into any compatible TV and enjoy all of your favorite videos.

The Fire Stick works as a central source for all your content. When logged in, you have access to a range of videos and music purchased through your Amazon account. You can also view the images uploaded to your Amazon Cloud drive.

Your Fire TV Stick can be used to watch the trending videos on Netflix or, browse the latest uploads from your favorite vlogger on YouTube. Other channels like ESPN, Hulu and HBO Now can also be accessed using your Fire TV Stick at a premium price. You have the advantage to choose your preferred services/channels instead of being tied into a specific package.

  1. EASYTONE Android 8.1 TV Box (CDN$ 64.99)


Running the latest OS Android8.1, this box uses a four-core RK3328 processor along with 4GB RAM to deliver speedy and flawless performance even while streaming 4K video. An inbuilt storage of 32GB provides loads of space for your favorite Android apps. It supports both Ethernet and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, but isn’t compatible with 5Ghz wireless network.

Apart from the regular ⅛” audio jack that connects the device to your speakers, headphones or TV, the Easytone box has Bluetooth capacity. This lets you listen in private using Bluetooth headphones, or connect audio to a Bluetooth speaker without any messy cables. You also get a centralized remote control for regulating most functions. With improved features and specifications in this reasonable price range, the EASYTONE Android 8.1 TV Box is a good choice.

  1. BuzzTV XPL3000 – Quad Core Android TV Box (CDN$ 100.00)


If you’re planning to buy a new IPTV/Android TV box, the BuzzTV XPL3000 is a great choice. Featuring a quad-core Android 6.0 TV box/IPTV receiver, this device can transform any regular television into a super smart device. Besides having the freedom to choose whatever content you want; you can connect it with any IPTV service to stream videos via Stalker middleware. You can enjoy HD quality TV shows, news, sporting events, educational content, and much more using the BuzzTV XPL3000.

Some of the key advancements include a new processor, HDMI 2.0, Android 6.0 OS, HDR technology, advanced PVR, and ATSC Digital TV Tuner support. Having a Digital TV Tuner is a unique feature and will let you access your local TV stations along with your streaming content. Powered by Android 6.0 OS, the XPL3000 gives instant access to thousands of apps on Google Play Store including SPMC, Kodi and others. Considering so many advantages at such reasonable price, it’s safe to say that the BuzzTV XPL3000 can give all its chief competitors a run for their money.

There are several things to consider when buying an Android TV box, such as hardware, app compatibility and software upgrades. It’s important to remember that popular Android apps like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video do run on most devices, but not all. Some Android TV boxes feature the popular media center Kodi, but it’s better to get one that doesn’t come with a preloaded app with pirated add-ons. Since all apps don’t work smoothly with all devices, it’s important to know if the box you’re buying supports the apps of your choice. You certainly don’t want your favorite app to cause any complication, particularly after you’ve paid a considerable amount for buying your Android TV box.

Hope this post has helped you learn about the different features of the top three android TV boxes available in stores near you. Accessorize your new TV box with genuine add-ons and get the best-quality TV mounts or consoles to create the perfect ambience for your kind of digital entertainment.

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