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Who doesn’t love the freedom of working on a laptop? Whether you’re at home, office, or a coffee shop, laptops enable you to work almost anywhere. Unfortunately, this convenience comes with the risk of affecting your neck, back and health in general. If you’re wondering “why use laptop stand, then read below.

  • Firstly, laptops are electronic devices that generate heat and can cause potential health problems when working for long periods of time. A laptop stand has fans built into its surface and keep air circulating at the bottom of the device. This protects the laptop from getting too hot.
  • Secondly, the keyboard and screen are a single unit and you can’t adjust their height separately. This results in improper sitting posture for the user. Over time, this can cause health issues like spondylitis and muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, hands, arms and wrists. When you use a proper laptop stand, you can adjust the height and angle of your laptop to have a better working posture.
  • Thirdly, laptops can cause ergonomic issues, which ultimately compromise work productivity. According to the study reported by Lindblad, there was a stark difference in productivity when recorded over a 4-hour period. The production was 17% higher for the group that used a stand and other laptop accessories, for example a separate keyboard and mouse. The survey concluded that physical strain decreased by 32% and comfort increased by 21% when using a proper laptop stand.


What to Look for When Buying A Laptop Stand

Consider these following features when looking for the perfect laptop stand.

1. Portability

This is certainly the most important thing to consider when buying a laptop stand. Always buy a light and portable stand so you can easily carry it around. Whether you’re a travel blogger or a work-from-home mom, choosing a lightweight laptop stand has several lifestyle benefits.

2. Adjustability

Laptop users often complain of stiff neck, lower back pain and poor vision. With the use of laptop stands, users can easily adjust the screen to their eye level and minimize screen glare. This also helps you achieve a comfortable typing posture. Finally, the right height and ergonomic typing angle keeps the device cool through heat circulation.

3. Material

Plastic stands are generally less expensive than the metal ones, but they aren’t strong enough to hold your laptop. If you want quality and durability, then go for sturdy metal stands. Even if you’re not using the laptop’s keyboard when placed on the stand, you still need something that won’t break easily.

4. Insulation

One of the biggest benefits of using a laptop stand is that it restricts the heat from reaching your thighs. This is an important feature for those working dedicatedly on their laptop. Make sure that the stand has a good insulation padding and proper ventilation facilities.

5. Grip

A textured surface offers excellent grip and holds the object in place. Always choose a laptop stand with a strong gripping surface to prevent slipping and breakage.

6. Budget

Cost is an important factor to consider when planning to buy laptop stands. Prices vary depending on the size, material and features of the product. Everybody has his/her preferences and buys accordingly. Understand your needs, plan a budget and buy the one that works best for you.


Tips to Stay Pain-Free When Working on a Laptop

Laptops are light, convenient and portable. They offer several benefits, but also poses potential health risks like stiff necks, frozen shoulders and spondylitis. While laptop stands help overcome some of these challenges, there are a few more things that you can do to ensure comfort and safety.

Resist Comfort Seating

When working on a laptop, avoid sitting on soft and comfortable couches like a sofa or a bean bag. Instead, choose something hard with a straight back, for example a wooden chair or a bar stool. This offers excellent back support and prevents a hunched sitting posture.

Stretch Exercise

When you spend several hours in front of a laptop, your body muscles start losing flexibility and your eyes become dry. It’s a good idea to get up and move about after every hour of work. Stand with your feet slightly apart, stretch your arms upwards and slowly tilt your torso back. Hold your breath for a few seconds and come back to your original posture.


A good backpack is the best option to carry your laptop. Unlike messenger bags and rolling suitcases, backpacks distribute weight uniformly across both shoulders. The belts can be adjusted for a snug, secure fit.

An understanding of laptop ergonomics can decrease your work fatigue considerably. Buy a suitable laptop stand, use an external keyboard follow the above tips to stay pain-free. Always pay attention to your sitting posture when working on your laptop. Careful consideration goes a long way in easing your back pain and enabling maximum work efficiency.

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