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Premium Digital Coax RCA Male To 3.5mm Male Cable 18AWG FT4 - RTC-Electronics

Premium Digital Coax RCA Male To 3.5mm Male Cable 18AWG FT4


This digital audio cable has a RCA male on one end and a 3.5mm mono male on the other. It is typically used to connect a 3.5mm digital audio output of a PC to digital coax RCA input of surround sound system.

  • Constructed of double shielded, 75 ohm, RG6, 18 awg, digital coax cable for ultra crisp sounding digital audio
  • FPE dielectric insulation allows for a stable velocity of propagation therefore minimizing possible timing delays
  • Dual shielding includes a 100% aluminum/mylar foil, plus a 95% tinned copper braid
  • Cables nominal capacitance is an exceptional 17.3 pf/ft and has a nominal attenuation of 3.10 dB/100ft @ 200Mhz
  • High quality, gold plated, heavy duty shielded connectors optimizes connectivity and maintains a clear signal integrity
  • The connector backshells are made of a durable, zinc plated metal alloy
  • FT4 riser fire rated jacket for in-wall use
  • Lead Free, “silver laced” solder is used in order to reduce loss and maximize conductivity

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