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The Ultimate Guide to Buying AV Receivers

The Ultimate Guide to Buying AV Receivers Leave a comment


An audio/video or AV receiver is an essential component of a home theatre. Its primary function is to receive signals from audio/video devices and process them to output devices such as loudspeakers and video projectors. Many people confuse an AV receiver with an amplifier. But, a receiver has a built-in radio tuner and it can receive both audio and video signals, unlike an amplifier that can amplify only audio signals.

The versatility of an AV receiver to receive and send audio-visual signals from and to a variety of sources has increased the popularity of this useful gadget. Many gadget lovers are buying AV receivers as they act as the hub of a home theatre system by connecting a variety of audio-visual and internet-streaming sources.

If you’re looking forward to buying an AV receiver, then here’s a complete buying guide for you.

The Number of Channels

When buying an AV receiver, the number of channels in the device plays a crucial role. The more channels it has, the more speakers it can power. In short, if the receiver has more places to connect to, then it can accommodate several devices (such as a television, an iPod, a speaker, etc.). People usually buy a five-channel receiver. But, if you want to expand it in the future, you should go for a seven or more-channel receiver. With a 7-channel receiver, you can connect the speakers in another room as well.

Power of the Receiver

It’s essential to decide on how much power you need in your receiver before making an investment. The power of the receiver is measured in wattage and it decides the device’s ability to deliver audio. If you have a home theatre to fill an average room with sound, then AV receivers with less power are capable of delivering great sound even at medium and low volume. However, if you have an entertainment system in a large room, then a high-wattage receiver is needed to get the quality of sound you’re expecting.

The Ease of Calibration

Simply connecting audio and video input and output devices with the receiver is not enough to get the most out of your gadgets. It’s important for them to function properly. Sometimes, the speakers are not compatible with the receiver and hence, they don’t deliver the quality of sound it is capable of. Therefore, when selecting an AV receiver, make sure that you choose one that offers automatic calibration with the speaker. It sends test tones to various connections and checks whether every component is functioning properly. Consider this factor before buying an AV receiver.

Whenever you plan to spend money on an audio-video receiver, consider the number of channels it has, the power it can deliver and whether it offers the ease of calibration or not. If you want to buy other electronic devices along with an AV receiver, then you can have a look at our online store to get high-quality gadgets and accessories at affordable rates.

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