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5 Smart Phone Photography Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures

5 Mobile Photography Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures Leave a comment

Mobile photography has become extremely popular in a short time. Every person with a smartphone wants to shoot stunning photos. Social media platforms like Instagram has brought mobile photography or iphoneography into vogue and encouraged the hidden photographers among us to realize their passion and make the most of this opportunity. The convenience, extra tools and flexible software in smartphones have added to the popularity of this trend.

However, irrespective of buying a high-end smartphone and having a strong desire to click beautiful pictures, not everyone is a mobile photography pro. It is true that taking incredible photos with an iPhone or other high-end smartphones is actually very easy, but only if you follow certain guidelines. In this blog post, the gadget experts at RTC Electronics will help you master the art of capturing Instagram-worthy pictures with these five useful tips.

1) Understand Your Smartphone Camera

Every mobile phone camera performs differently. Understand your device’s limitations and adjust to capitalize on the features it has. Generally, these cameras have a fixed aperture and a limited shutter speed. So, to make a good image a great one, adjust the in-camera exposure manually, according to the situation’s requirement. Also, you can download some apps that can help you overcome the limitations of your mobile phone camera.

2) Do Not Use the Zoom Feature

The zoom feature on mobile devices allows you to get a closer view of the subject. You can access it by stretching two fingers on the screen. But, instead of taking a closer and clearer picture of the subject, it crops the image and decreases its quality, thus giving a blurred or pixelated photograph. The reason is that the camera offers a digital zoom and not an optical zoom. So, if you want to take a photo of a faraway subject, walk closer and take a better-quality shot, instead of using the zoom.

Instagram-Worthy Pictures

3) Keep Your Camera Steady

Shaking your camera while clicking pictures, especially at night or in low light conditions, will make you lose out on a great picture. When you take photos in low light, your smartphone camera uses a slow shutter speed to allow more light into the sensor. If you make any movements during this time, then the image quality is compromised. Fix this issue by keeping your camera steady, holding it horizontally for a wider frame, trying burst mode to click moving objects and using a proper shutter button or timer.

4) Try Different Angles

Don’t stick to one style of photography. Try unique angles and viewpoints to add interest to the photographs. If you have had enough of landscape photography, then take portraits and macro pictures to develop new styles. This practice will make you versatile and help in mastering various genres.

5) Use the Rule of Thirds for Composition

The composition of a picture is as important as focus and exposure. If the composition is poor, the picture you clicked will fail to grab attention, let alone getting likes on Instagram. To improve your composition technique, use the rule of thirds. It is a guideline which states that an image should be divided into nine equal parts (by two vertical and two horizontal lines). When composing an image, the subject should be placed along these lines or their intersections. This alignment makes the picture well-balanced and interesting. Practice taking pictures with off-centre composition to click an eye-catching photograph.

Use the above-mentioned tips to improve your mobile photography skills and to learn some more tips, consult other photographers. But, remember that you need to have a high-end smartphone to use its camera for awesome pictures. Make sure that you purchase your smart-phone and other gadgets from a reputable electronic store to get value for your money.

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