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6 Innovative Smartphone Accessories for the Smart Traveller Leave a comment

You carry your world in your smartphone. From boarding passes and hotel reservations to books and movie tickets, your cell phone carries everything that you need. However, when you’re travelling alone, everything is a little more challenging. From calling home to check on your family members to having video calls with clients, you have to do so much even when you’re on-the-go. Here’s a list of 5 modern smartphone accessories that’ll make travelling stress-free and enjoyable.

1. High Capacity External Battery Charger

All of us have experienced the sudden disaster of a dead phone. When you’re in an unknown place and your phone runs out of battery, there’s a fear of losing out on Google Maps. You may also miss several important calls from family, friends and clients. A high capacity portable charger is the best solution to these problems. These chargers are generally big in size, considering the high amount of power they provide. However, this lightweight battery-operated emergency charger offers a slim design and runs on 2 x AA batteries. It’s compatible with iPods, iPhones (all models) and all other devices with USB cable like digital cameras, portable blenders, etc. Carry the charger along with other essentials and save your phone from running out of power.

2. Handheld Video Stabilizer

Forget about days when you needed a video camera to shoot good videos. Today you can film the best moments of your life on your smartphone, without having to spend a fortune on heavy DSLR cameras. But there’s a problem with shooting videos on mobile phones. Have you ever tried filming a splendid sunrise, only to have it ruined by a blurry footage? With the use of a handheld video stabilizer, you can do away with shaky or blurry videos. Featuring a lightweight design, brushless motors and built-in sensors, these stabilizers help capture smooth and seamless videos.

3. External Camera Lenses

Smartphone cameras have upgraded dramatically in the last few years, both in terms of improved sensors and better image processing. There are some smartphones that also feature multiple camera lenses so you can change the angle and width of your shots. They provide better zoom and in-depth effects, which were previously absent in smartphone photography. But, what about camera phones with a single lens? Thanks to external camera lenses, you can now enjoy a range of photography options for your iPhone or Android smartphone. While the macro lenses work great for close-up photos, the telephoto lenses provide up to 22x optical zoom. Some external lenses suit a specific phone model like an iPhone, though most of them are versatile and can be clipped onto all smartphones.

4. Smartphone Signal Booster

A poor cell phone signal can negatively affect your phone calls and internet connection. This often causes a big problem for travellers who experience dropped calls for being in a “dead zone”.  The term “dead zone” refers to an area that’s entirely cut off from cell phone signals, either due to geographical distances or man-made barriers. With modern tech gadgets like smartphone signal boosters, you can now enjoy clear conversations and high-speed internet browsing no matter where you are. Smartphone signal boosters work by taking the existing weak cellular signal and amplifying 4G & 3G LTE signal up to 32 times for any smartphone, tablet or carrier. After amplification, it rebroadcasts the stronger signal to the surrounding area.

5. Smart Watches

Whether you travel independently or on behalf of an organization, trips are an important part of work these days. With work and travel going hand in hand, technology is improving to meet the demands of its users. There are several smart gadgets available for travelers, but the smartwatch is the most popular among them. These are not mere timekeepers. From monitoring heart rate and checking blood pressure to sending email alerts, these smart watches are your best travel companion. Wear them like your regular watch and pair them with your Android or iPhone device.

6. Solar Power Bank

Solar mobile chargers are an excellent innovation in the field of mobile technology. They don’t need any electricity as they draw power from the sun. From smartphones and iPods to mp3 players, you can charge many gadgets using these eco-friendly solar power banks. These are perfect for travellers whose external USB battery chargers often run out of power. Some of them also come with attachments for different types of phone charging pins.

They say, “collect memories, not things.” However, for travellers, collecting both memories and things is a challenging task. People these days love travelling, as much as they love sharing their memories and experience with the world via social media. With the increasing demand for portable tech gadgets, smartphones today are more like handheld computers than phones. From portable mobile chargers to smart watches, smartphone accessories help provide a lot of functionality and entertainment during your travels.

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