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A Complete Guide to Buying Portable Bluetooth Speakers

A Complete Guide to Buying Portable Bluetooth Speakers Leave a comment

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a versatile electronic accessory for anyone who owns a laptop or smartphone. Whether you want to use it to transform a dull party into a rocking entertainment zone or take it to your office for an important presentation or meeting, this handy accessory never fails to surprise you.

Portable Bluetooth speakers offer impressive audio and can be paired with most devices for terrific sound quality. The market is filled with a lot of models with various specifications. But, specifications can’t be used as the parameter to judge how good a speaker is. The best way to buy Bluetooth speakers is to compile a checklist of features that you want in your accessory, prioritize your requirements and gather every piece of information before making the investment.

We, at RTC Electronics, understand that when you buy an electronic accessory you want value for your money. That’s why we have compiled a complete guide to buying portable Bluetooth speakers so that you can get the best deal.

Understand the Specifications

The first thing to know about an electronic accessory is its specifications and the same is true for portable Bluetooth speakers. The features of the accessory are not the only factor that affects your purchase decision, but it is definitely one of the primary ones. Therefore, understand the specifications of the Bluetooth speaker and find out what it needs to have to maximize your purchase. Begin with the following specifications-

1) Frequency Response

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Frequency response refers to the audible frequency range produced by a speaker. In other words, it is the range at which the speaker can produce sound. It is measured in Hertz (Hz), for example, 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. This number stands for the lowest frequency (20 Hz, i.e., a very low bass tone) and the highest frequency (20,000 Hz, i.e., the highest treble) that can be produced. It is said that the wider the range, the better is the quality of sound. However, the size of the speaker also matters. If the speaker is small, the range will also be narrow whereas if it is a big speaker, the range will be wider.

The range of human hearing is 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz so many people believe that a Bluetooth speaker of this frequency response will be the best. But in reality, you need something different. Hearing ability differs from person to person, especially when they grow old. Also, you hear the sound clearly when you’re close to the speakers as the sound is coming directly to you whereas if you’re sitting at a distance, the sound gets reflected from walls, furniture, ceilings and other objects in the room. Therefore, choose a speaker with a little more bass tone and a slightly lower top frequency to get a lifelike sound in a room.

2) Bluetooth Version

The version of Bluetooth is an important factor that can affect your speaker’s performance. The quality of audio transmission and the distance between your device and the speaker is determined by it. If the version is old, then it is likely to hamper the connectivity and deliver low-quality sound.

When talking about faster data speed, any version between Bluetooth v2.x to Bluetooth v4.x are great options to consider. These versions offer Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) which improves the quality of streaming by allowing a higher amount of data to be transferred per second between the devices. But, if you also want a good battery life for your device without compromising on the sound quality, then Bluetooth v4.x is your best bet. This version supports Low Energy devices, thus reducing the power consumption. That said, a speaker with Bluetooth v4.x version also comes in handy if you want to connect it with other Low Energy devices like fitness trackers.

3) Connectivitybluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth speakers are designed for wireless connectivity. But, to be prepared for worst-case scenarios, a speaker with an auxiliary connector is a good investment. For instance, when the Bluetooth isn’t functioning properly or your device is unable to connect via Bluetooth, you can use the auxiliary access via 3.5mm phono jack to connect your device. So, look for a Bluetooth speaker that offers a wired connection as well. Generally, it is written as ‘Aux-in’ on the specifications table. A wired connection in the speaker is also beneficial for saving your phone’s battery. If you’re running short of battery on your smartphone, you can still use the speaker by connecting it through aux cable.

Determine the Utility

Apart from the specifications, you also need to filter your search for portable Bluetooth speakers on the basis of where and how you will use them. If you’re buying the speakers for your home, then consider its appearance as it should match your home’s colour scheme to blend in with the décor. Go for the one that offers high-quality sound and has a stylish appearance to work as a statement piece for your room. Also, if the purpose of your purchase is to use the speakers for hands-free calls, then buy Bluetooth speakers with built-in microphones which enables you to answer the phone calls.

Many people prefer taking their Bluetooth speakers with them while travelling. For them, weather-resistant Bluetooth speakers will be the perfect choice. These electronic accessories are designed to withstand rain, snow, dust and sometimes shock too, thus making them an ideal companion for people who love outdoor adventure. If you’re also looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker which you can carry with you to overnight camping trips, then buy a compact one with a good battery life and a USB charging port so that you can charge it even with a power bank. Also, consider the battery size which can give 4 to 5 hours of backup to make the most of your outdoor trip with the speakers.

Decide the Budget

Your budget plays a vital role in narrowing your search. There are a wide variety of portable Bluetooth speakers available online or in store. Some speakers offer various features on a budget while others are a bit expensive because of their high-end specifications. For example, speakers like EARSON Outdoor Sports Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Pyle Bluetooth Mini Speaker can be bought within a budget of $40.00 along with the benefit of several features. The EARSON Outdoor Sport speaker has built-in Bluetooth (version: 2.1 + EDR), the battery life of up to 4 hours, rechargeable battery along with water, shock and dust-resistance, thus making it an ideal choice for people who want an outdoor-friendly electronic accessory at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, the Pyle Bluetooth Mini Speaker features hands-free call answering, AUX 3.5mm input, integrated stereo sound with rich bass, USB charging port and compatibility with virtually any audio device. It is the perfect piece for buyers who want a go-to portable Bluetooth speaker for prolonged entertainment.

When shopping for portable Bluetooth speakers, make sure that you prioritize what you want, how you want to use the speakers, understand all important specifications and look for them in the one you’re buying. To maximize your purchase, always choose a reliable electronic accessory store and get authentic products.

Have a look at our exclusive collection of portable Bluetooth speakers to get excellent sound-quality at affordable prices. You can also contact us as 1-866-624-9986 to get the best deals on electronic accessories online.

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