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Everything You Need to Know about Android TV Boxes - RTC-Electronics

Everything You Need to Know about Android TV Boxes Leave a comment


Android TV Boxes are a way to change your TV viewing experience. It allows you to use your TV to surf the web, stream videos and access other features normally only available on your computer.

  • What is an Android TV Box?

As its namesake suggests, the Android TV Box runs for a Android operating system to run on your TV. It is the same OS that runs on Smartphones, Tablets and other similar devices. Basically, it’s a device that streams local and web content straight to your TV.

  • How Does It Work?

The box is first connected to your TV and then setup to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable. Once setup, various apps can be installed that provide access to large volumes of content shared on the web. The Android box consolidates a huge amount of content onto one place which what makes it so convenient to use. Users can type in and then stream whatever they want to watch.

Since the box runs on Android, apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store. So, apart from giving access to your favourite videos, the Android Box can also function like a computer or a Smartphone.

  • How Is It different from a Smart TV

There’s sometimes confusion among users between a Smart TV and a Android TV Box. The difference is that a Smart TV can connect to the internet and has limited built-in apps. It supports voice search and commands just like a Smartphone. It can also be controlled by a single remote. Users can only access television programming and some internet content depending on app functionality.

On the other hand, an Android TV Box is designed to connect to a TV as a display. It can be controlled through a remote, keyboard or a mouse. Also, any number of apps can be installed. It can turn any TV into a Smart TV with its hardware capabilities. Plus, it’s only a fraction of the cost of a Smart TV.

What are the Types of Android Boxes?

  • Android boxes are available in various sizes and shapes.
  • The boxes offer both wireless and cable options.
  • Each box comes with its own firmware and setup manuals.
  • Some boxes come with limited internal storage, SD Cards and flash drive options.
  • Both low-cost and high-end devices are available.

Android TV Boxes are perfect for those who love to install and customize programs they want. It’s a great option to convert your TV to a computer and enjoy advanced technology and features at affordable price.

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