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Everything You Need to Know About Coaxial Cables - RTC-Electronics

Everything You Need to Know About Coaxial Cables Leave a comment


Coaxial cables are becoming a well-known term these days. More and more modern homes are adopting them because of their audio-visual utility.

These cables have a four-layered copper base and are used to transmit radio frequency signals. Television & radio networks, distance telephone networks and Ethernet generally use long distance coaxial cables due to their high bandwidth and exceptional transmission capacity. Mainly used for reaching a widespread audience, coaxial cables are compatible with most computerized gadgets.

Anatomy of Coaxial Cables

If you were to do a cross section of one of these cables, you would find the following:

1) A single center solid copper wire
2) A tubular insulating layer (surrounding the copper wire
3) A braided conducting foil shield (surrounding the insulating layer)
4) A synthetic outer jacket

Advantages of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are used for a variety of purposes due to the number of benefits they offer. Some of the advantages of these cables are:

• Constructed to be installed near metal objects without losing power, because the signal is carried between the inner and outer conductors
• Suitable for long distances due to good bandwidth
• Available in various sizes
• Less interference of signals thanks to an additional layer of shielding
• Avoids static and provides excellent picture quality
• Ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes
• Supports multiple channels due to sufficient frequency range
• Available at an affordable price

Disadvantages of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables have some limitations that cannot be ignored. They are;

• Installation cost is comparatively high
• Lightning strikes can cause serious damage
• Susceptible to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, leading to noise transfer
• Cannot expect high-resistance from them.

Coaxial cables are known for their excellent performance and versatility. It’s the most common means of data transmission over distances. However, they have their limitations. It is up to you to decide if your needs require the use a coaxial cable.

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